Game Night Just Got a Digital Upgrade: The Deck

Game Night Just Got a Digital Upgrade: The Deck

The inspiration for “The Deck” came from a situation many of us have experienced. Imagine gathering with friends for a game night, only to realize that nobody has the necessary cards. Frustrating, right? This dilemma sparked the idea of leveraging technology to create a solution.

The primary goal of “The Deck” is to provide a user-friendly and cooperative digital game environment for playing classic games that were usually played with cards on paper. One of the standout features of “The Deck” is its unique ability to assign one device as the “table” (a.k.a. deck). By placing this device in the middle of the group, all players can witness the real-time state of the cards. This adds a new level of immersion making it a truly captivating experience.

Game Flow

First, let’s look at the result 👨‍💻. I ideated on what might be the perfect UX for such a solution and settled on the next steps (here we are using Android TV as the table):

  1. Create the Room - use TV, mobile, table or laprot to create a room.
  1. Join the room. Device that created the room can participate as well, or just be the deck.
  1. Start game! As soon as you have enough players, host can start the game.


I want to highlight that all assets in the game, including the app icon, achievement badges, player avatars, and Dixit game cards, everything were generated by Midjourney or DALL-E.

Hard to express how much time, effort, and money I saved leveraging generative AI 🧑‍🎨 Even tho, I spend a significant amount of time “fine-tuning” them in Figma.



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