Ukraine-russia war. Stand With 🇺🇦

Ukraine-russia war. Stand With 🇺🇦

2022 February 24, 04:00 am putin gives an hour-long speech about Ukraine. It is full of chauvinism and nonsense about nazi & military threats coming from NATO & Ukraine. Finally, he declared the start of the “military operation” a.k.a war.

05:00 am russian army executed missiles attacks on multiple Ukrainian military bases across the country, followed by the infantry invasion. The first troops entered from russia & Belorussia, occupying the frontier cities in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Sumy, and Kherson regions. They were planning to take Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, in 3 days… War continues. Day 46.

Ukraine stands strong

Overconfident, ignorant, cruel, and TBH stupid, this is how russian army showed itself in 5 weeks of the war so far. Losses from the enemy side are enormous. Orсs, as we call them in Ukraine, lost ~19K soldiers, more than in any war before.

See: Ukraine Witness” channel on Telegram (Urk) contains many videos and images of defeated Russian troops.

Without the possibility to advance and provide for their forces in North of Ukraine, the russian retreated. Leaving Kyiv, Chernihi and Sumy regions. Despite declaring this as a “tactical move” we clearly understand that they lost the battle for Kyiv and now tring to redeploy troops to East & South. Battle for Donbass continues.

Russia war crimes

As orcs faced strong resistance from the Ukrainian army and could not advance, they started terror of civilians on occupied territories. The number of #RussiaWarCrimes is enormous: murder, torture, rape. Belove is just a examples of what is happening: Bucha, Mariupol, and Kramatorsk.

Bucha massacre

The retreat of orсs uncovered what was happening in occupied territory:

  • rape (including children);
  • the mass murder of civilians;
  • looting.

For the first time since WWII Europe witnessed mass graves. Pits with hundreds of tortured & killed innocent people.

Read Bellingcat: Russia’s Bucha “Facts” Versus the Evidence.

Blockade of Mariupol

From the very first days, Mariupol is encircled by orcs troops. Mariupol has a very high strategic value, it is on the land link between Crimea and Donbas area occupied in 2014 by russia. Russian orcs thoughtlessly shell the whole city, killing thousands of civilians. As of now, ~90% of residential buildings are destroyed. The city doesn’t have running water, electricity, gas, or food supply.

Kramators - attack amid evacuation

Ocrs carried out two missile strikes on a railway station in Kramatorsk. It is a major depot for the evacuation of civilians and they knew about it. As of now, 53 civilians died, including 4 children.

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If Ukraine stops fighting - there will be no Ukraine.
If russia stops fighting - there will be no war!