- one more attempt to stop waste - one more attempt to stop waste

A few months ago, my wife shared how difficult it might be to find the right foundation tone: whatever she orders online, she buys a few samples and eventually throws away those that do not work. Especially during COVID-19 lockdown - you cannot try it out in the shop.


As a software engineer, I decided to challenge myself and try to create an app to help figure out skin tone and match foundation products. I have just released the first version, available on iOS and Android -


The app flow is quite simple:

  1. Take a photo of your skin, then crop the desired skin fragment.

  2. After analyzing your skin tone, the app suggests several tone samples.

  3. Click on a sample from the list that best matches your skin tone.

The app will find a foundation product that perfectly suits your skin color.


Luckily for me, my wife doesn’t buy so many foundations to test if app detection works very well, so I would be happy to have feedback from you. Let me know if:

  • you’ll be able to find a perfect match
  • what you would like to add or change

Feel free to leave comments in the thread on Reddit or ProductHunt

Thank you in advance!

App icon created by Victoruler - Flaticon